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Seven Career Change Questions

1. Should I, and can I, change career direction?

No easy answer is possible. About a third of our candidates do change career direction, some slightly and other significantly.

2. Can I find fulfilment “outside”?

Many organisations become like a second family. It may be difficult for you think of a career in new surrounds. Yet it is quite possible to stay in touch with your friends in the organisation and to relocate into another, equally congenial environment. All it takes, really, is the willingness to try.

3. I’m middle-aged, is that a problem?

It’s less of a problem than most people think. While being older is a restriction in some organisations or a negative to some people, it is a plus for employers who value experience, judgement, motivation and stability. We show you how to communicate these qualities positively.

4. What about my references?

This is a more complex area than you might think. You should choose your referees carefully. But it doesn’t stop there. Assessment 4 Potential will work with you to develop your rationale as to why you are in the market place. It is a rationale you will want to share with your referees.

Change of career direction is most readily accomplished by “bridging” or finding transferable skills you have been using in your last job or volunteer activities that are similar to the skills needed to the areas you would like to move into.

5. Is my salary out of line?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no. The important thing is to find the right role for you, one that truly makes use of your abilities and interests. When this happens, you should be able to secure an attractive salary. 72% of Assessment 4 Potential candidates improve their current salaries, some significantly. Nearly all find a job they like as much as, or better than their previous one.

6. What about confidentiality?

Sensitive, personal and career matters will be treated in strict confidence. Reports to your previous employer will only be made to a named contact and will simply describe your general progress in purely factual terms.

7. Given a choice, should I stay with my organisation or consider other options?

An informed career decision depends on two things – your career objective based on your greatest strengths, values and interests, and a realistic appraisal of the options available to you both inside and outside your present organisation.

Assessment 4 Potential will work with you in both areas, help you develop real options and enable you to make the best possible decisions.

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