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Certain circumstances bring with them various challenges. For example, you might need to downsize, relocate a staff member or reorganise a department.

ASSESSMENT4POTENTIAL can support you through these times. We provide first -class outplacement and career-transition services that will smooth the path when transitioning staff. Our outplacement solutions also give departing and re-engaged employees a head start in their search for a new role while efficiently addressing their career and emotional needs.

Our outplacement solutions offer the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive outplacement programme provides a detailed assessment of skills, values and ‘drivers’ that helps to establish goals.
  • Proven track record – we have worked with dozens of companies and public bodies across the UK.
  • Flexibility – we have a wide range of options and expertise available, including covering the loss of one employee and large-scale capabilities.
  • You can never tell how people will react to redundancy, and we are experts in dealing with individuals and providing support that is personally tailored to each individual situation.
  • Our services cover all aspects of the transition process – from career review and planning, to self-marketing techniques, CV design, interview training, job market information, networking and self-employment preparation.
  • ASSESSMENT4POTENTIAL’s professionally qualified team of consultants have the knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth transition and minimise any chance of litigation.
  • Cost-effective and flexible pricing options allow you to obtain support for all your affected staff – no matter how tight the budget.
  • Seamless redeployment reduces stress levels for all concerned.
  • Choice – we deliver one-to-one consultancy, workshops, or both, depending on the level of support you want.
  • We can help with job search, managing the process of change and long-term career planning and management.
  • Fast, responsive and value-for-money service.
  • Morale – we help employers provide support to employees during restructuring and change.
  • We can coach and advise individual members of staff who are looking for assistance and expertise when making their next career move.
  • You will receive the highest quality support possible.
  • Scope – we can work with either one individual on a one-to-one basis or several hundred, offering on-site support, one-to-one careers advice and a full range of workshops to assist employees in achieving their career objectives.
  • Sophisticated web-based technology complements and enhances our face-to-face service offerings.
  • We work hard to ensure you get a quality service, excellent results, and the very best in terms of value for money.

So when roles become redundant or people need to be moved on, why not use our outplacement services to reduce stress, preserve morale and ensure a positive outcome?

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