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Job searching – what is your USP?

Does everyone have a unique selling point (USP)?

As a job seeker, you will have gone through some serious self-exploration to understand your strengths, knowledge and experience and what you want from your next job. Most importantly, you need to discover what makes you unique and how best  you can use this to your advantage whilst job seeking.

In this instance, consider yourself ‘the product’ and focus on what would be your USP.

 Networking with your USP

One of the clear benefits of having a  strong USP is that when you are networking and developing your contacts, you will have a clear objective that shows off your background. Your USP will clearly identify your skills, knowledge and experience and let others know who you help and what problems you solve.

One of the best ways to showcase your USP is to write up you success stories [PAR/STAR] and update your CV.

When asked “why are you unique?” you will have a positive strong message to give and your USP will undoubtedly be remembered.

USPs are used in business for the very purpose of selling the product and as a job seeker, this is what you have to have in mind. You are the only one who can sell yourself in the most positive way and with a strong USP you will be successful in finding your next job.

Lynn is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, a member of the CDI and qualified to administer level A & B psychometric tools to support career transition when appropriate. She is a competent career practitioner and holds a PgDip in Adult Guidance and Assessment. She is also the author of two recently published books, Get That Job and Can’t Get That Job. See her website!

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