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Interview Checklist

interview The interview is planned for later in the week.

Preparation is key and you have a number of things to do before you get there.

Use this interview checklist to ensure you are best prepared and ready to perform.

  1. Practice your answers to a wide range of interview questions. Rehearse your skill stories and make sure your answers are fluent and true.  Remember to have examples of when you have excelled and performed well.  Collate your spectacular results so they are fresh in your mind and flow of your tongue.
  2. Prepare and press your outfit the interview.  Think carefully about what you will wear and the image it will portray.  Does it truly reflect you and your personality and does it match the culture of the organization you are applying to?
  3. Empty your briefcase before you put together what you need for the interview.
    1. File your CV/resume and job application together with any references, certificates and other important documents that might be required at interview.  Use a black book and demonstrate how organized you are.  Take an extra copy for the interviewer.
    2. Pack pen and suitable notebook so that during the interview you could make notes if needed.
    3. Include some  up-to-date business cards
    4. A map and directions of where you are going for interview along with your letter or printed email invitation.  Ensure you are clear about the route, public transport timings and parking availability.
    5. Your mobile or cell phone needs to be with you but on silent or switched off.  Make sure it does not distract you from the moment you enter the premises to the time you leave.
  4. Company information, key personnel, values and culture along with trends, customers and important markets are all researchable and there is no excuse for not being familiar with answers to questions about the organization, the role you are being interviewed for and work you could be doing.
  5. Your best attitude. Smile, be positive calm and as relaxed as possible.  Be prepared to engage with your interviewer soonest.

 Interview practice is essential and having a well prepared briefcase and well-founded knowledge means you are well on your way to your new job.

 And if you would like some help preparing your stories, let me know

Good luck.

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