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Getting the job application right

As far as a job application goes, submitting a good one can be a real conundrum.

Of course, you are keen to find new or alternative employment and you are gathering as much information as you can about yourself, where you want to work, what you want to do and what skills and expertise you have.

You will double your success rate for interviews if you have a targetted job application

It might be that you have rewritten your CV/resume or completed a job application form but if you have not MATCHED the CV/resume or job application form to the vacant role you are applying for, you have set yourself up for failure.
job application

Every job application needs to be unique

How do you match the job application you ask?  There are always clues:

  1. The company’s published material – their values, their products or services and their markets
  2. The advert – what does it actually ask for in the advert?
  3. Research the role, the website and the area and check your alignment with them ALL
Then there’s the case for what information might the prospective employer look for that gives substance to your job application.
  • Check out your Facebook and privacy settings are appropriate
  • Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date
  • Make sure your Twitter feed is saying the ‘right thing’
Make sure that your expertise and your professional integrity are in line with the job application.  Social Media can help and hinder when it comes  to applying for jobs.  Make sure you use it to the best of your ability.

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