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Are you a game changer?

There is no doubt that as a game changer you have the opportunity of making a difference wherever you chose to work. A game changer may come from various different academic backgrounds. The good news is that according to a recent article in the Sunday Times, the big consultancy firms, eg: PWC, … [Read more...]

Seven Career Change Questions

1. Should I, and can I, change career direction? No easy answer is possible. About a third of our candidates do change career direction, some slightly and other significantly. 2. Can I find fulfilment “outside”? Many organisations become like a second family. It may be difficult for you think of … [Read more...]

Ten New Year’s Resolutions for the Job Seeker

Happy New Year to all my connections and especially for the job seeker and those in transition. January is traditionally the time for making new resolutions and being a job seeker, it is no different. What should a job seeker be thinking about? Keeping your cv current. As a job seeker, you … [Read more...]

Job search activity

Finding a new job is a job in itself and as such you need to have a structured action plan. Getting prepared for the job search is crucial and there are some top tips to be found.  Essentially you will need job search and networking collateral which will include your CV, LinkedIn profile and … [Read more...]

Interview questions to prepare for

Hooray, you have been invited to an interview, now to prepare answers to interview questions.  You know you will be asked a range of interview questions, and of course most of them will be based on your work experience and  qualifications, so the preparation is standard. However, have you thought … [Read more...]

5 ideas that will help you make your next career choice and get you a better job

If you are at a career crossroads you are often slightly confused about the next steps you should take. Should your career path continue in the same vein as it is now or, are you totally dissatisfied and disillusioned, burnt out or just out of work and do not know what to do next? Whatever your … [Read more...]

Top tip on how to secretively job search with Open Candidates

The Open Candidates feature means you can discreetly job search without your boss finding out. All serious active job seekers need a profile on LinkedIn and now Open Candidates will allow recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn without alerting your place of work.  Recruiters will know that … [Read more...]

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With CV

 Your CV is one of the most important documents that you will ever draft and one that will be the first point of contact with your next employer. Your CV must present you at your best. It is a showcase of your knowledge, skills and experience. Many of the CVs that are presented in response to … [Read more...]

How a Strong Job Search Strategy sets you apart from other Candidates

For a job search to be successful, you need to have a strategy.  It's a full-time job getting a job and having a job search plan  is essential. The job search strategy should include: Where do you want to work? What is the best location that has the most commercial opportunities for you. … [Read more...]