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The 30-60-90-day plan to present at interview

Prepare a 30-60-90-day strategy and leave them cheering

If you want to make the best impression at an interview you need to create a 30-60-90-day plan as part of your preparation.

Having a robust 30-60-90-day plan will not only help you gain a job offer but also support you through the transition period once you are in the role.

30-60-90-day strategy sets our your goals within the new position over the first three months and shows your new employer that you have a clear understanding of the responsibilities, what the job involves and how you will be able to perform.

30-60-90-day strategy

  1. Introduction – write a disclaimer that your  30-60-90-day plan is designed to prompt discussion about the role you are applying for, the company’s needs and how you, as the ideal candidate, can hit the ground running.  It should also state the  30-60-90-day is subject to revision once in post.
  2. First 30 days – the time to get the balance right between learning and training.  You will need to understand and master corporate and IT systems, product knowledge as well as meet members of your team. You need to be hands-on and practical about how you will get up to speed without depending too heavily on others around you.  Keywords would be Meet – Learn – Understand.
  3. Next 30 days – you are now more independent and diving into things. You feel confident that you have built your credibility and you understand your responsibilities having met key clients, stakeholders and you appreciate customer satisfaction. You take what you have learnt and develop it towards your specific targets and the company’s goals You will ask your manager for feedback. Keyword – Strategise – Plan
  4. And finally the last 30 days – your contribution is now significant and you are independent. You fully understand expectations and are confident in initiating things on your own. You make an impact, obtain results and are consistent in delivering what is expected of you. Keyword – Execute

By developing a 30-60-90-day plan you are demonstrating to the hiring team that you are a strong and genuine candidate. Because you have invested time and energy in compiling your 30-60-90-day plan, you can clearly show you have researched not only the company, the role and the responsibilities but also the challenges you might face, how you will overcome them and what the organisation requires you to do during that time.

The 30-60-90-day plan will clearly distinguish you from other applicants and heighten your opportunity for further interviews to secure a firm job offer.

Once in post, of course, you will have a 30-60-90-day road map on how to be successful in your new job.

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